At Yes-Air, our business is the promotion of your business. When deciding how to utilize your grand opening or promotions budget there are many options. Why outdoor advertising?

  • Cost Effective – We are experts in outdoor promotions at the store level and we guarantee we have a promotion to fit any budget. Investing in our outdoor advertising will pay off as we draw your customers into your parking lot and to your door! Studies show that 70% of people make a decision about where to shop as they drive by.  Our searchlights, rooftop balloons, pennants, flags and banners will help you meet and exceed your sales goals!
  • Hard to Ignore –Email or print marketing for your grand opening can be deleted, shredded, thrown away or just plain ignored. The customers you want – those driving by your location will not be able to ignore our marketing.  Whether it’s a banner, flag, balloon, inflatable, pennants or Adversails, your target market will be drawn to your store.  Our marketing plans are proven to work time and time again.
  • Immediate Sales – The most important time for a new store is the first 2 weeks. Let us drive customers your way with the many options we have.  Whether it’s a short 1-2 day promotion or the full 2 weeks, we WILL create an immediate buzz and more important, we will create sales.

Let us help you get noticed!  Call Yes-Air at 704.332.2222